Saturday, January 20, 2007

And While I'm At It....

From the first half of the long tail: Hot Air: "the world's first full-service conservative Internet broadcast network!" I'm assuming "full-service" means the creators will personally come to fill up your car's gas tank with gallons of over-priced war oil.
Seriously, though, I do appreciate the idea of "ideological diversity in the video-blogging world,"
and I think their site is nicely laid out, or at least better than many of the other top blogs. Obviously, aesthetics are a theme with me.

From the second half: Overcompensating, which is a comic-blog about the exaggerated life of Jeffrey Rowland. I got really into this blog this summer because I think this guy is especially talented. At one point he somehow started talking about Snakes on a Plane in his blog (I think he also made shirts about it, which is another side project of his) and the producers of the movie got wind of it and invited him to the premiere where he met Samuel L. Jackson and everything. Regardless, I think the blog has a great cast of characters guessed it...great graphics to boot.

"I'm the decider!"

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Lauren said...

I love Overcompensating. It's one of my favorites ever in all the world. The deal with Snakes on a Plane was that he was the first person to popularize it on the Internet, and then it got that huge cult following, which was basically started by him.

I would also like to tell you that I had dinner with him and a few other webcomic artists in San Diego during Comic-Con and he looks very different from how he draws himself. Here is an interview he did with Winter McCloud, if you haven't seen the real Jeffrey Rowland.