Monday, January 29, 2007

I Love the Madness

I'm a huge fan of mashups, so I was really excited to see that there were so many sites that did this kind of thing. I saw that someone already blogged about Danger Mouse, who I have to say is very talented at this sort of thing. The Linkin Park/ Jay-Z mix is also an amazing collaboration. I was listening to their CD in my car the other day and I'm just repeatedly in awe of how well these two band fit together. The flow of the lyrics of one artist to the beat of the other is scary because of how well it works. It almost feels sometimes like they were subconsciously tapped into each other's music flows. I often feel that writing does the same thing a lot of the time. Sometimes I'll read a story and go "wow, this is how I was feeling when I wrote one of my stories". Maybe I'm just hoping for a "bigger than us" connection, but there are some pretty crazy coincidences.

I was looking through YouTube, because that seems to be the only thing that anyone ever does anymore, and I found some really cool mashups. There is this kid named Lasse Gjertsen who makes these videos mashups that are really unique. He doesn't know how to play any of the instruments he features but just hits different beats and keys and videos tapes it all. He uses the original footage and edits all his videos together to make some pretty cool and complicated music (for what it is). I really think this is something to be impressed with. He's a bit of a wierdo, but it's really fun and worth checking out. Here is another one he does that is just with noises he makes from his mouth.

I haven't found a lot of really bad mixes, some music here and there that just didn't fit to me personally. But I'd have to say that some of people that make the "Scary Movie" spin offs can overdo it. I liked most of their stuff but "Date Movie" was more stupid than funny, and I feel that they may have just been a little lazy when it came time to make that one. You still have to try to make things funny, not everything falls into place. I gotta give them credit though, the trailer did look pretty good.

Overall I love mashups, mostly for the reason I stated earlier. I think we should always have connections with fellow writers and artists. The mixture will keep the pool of possibility open for a long time.

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