Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Homework for Tuesday, January 23rd

We want to look at how other artists have approached writing in the new media. The Electronic Literature Organization has collected over fifty stories told in a variety of new media formats. So, visit the site (click Volume One), choose two stories: one that you admire, and one that you don't, and blog about them on our New Media Blog. Be prepared to talk about both of them in class.

And then try a pastiche or imitation of one of them. Use whatever format you'd like. Approach this as we did in the "Spreeder" exercise: 300 words, along with whatever new media you'd like. Stretch. Don't be afraid to fall on your face. Do something outside of your comfort zone. Have it available for class next week. You can put it somewhere on the web, or keep it on your computer. Wow yourself and us.

Adam spoke about "The Long Tail" at the end of last week's class. The readings for next week are Chris Andersen's Wired article on the subject, the weblog popularity long tail, and the long tail of English language words.

Then, find two web spaces. Whatever you choose. One should be at the beginning of the popularity tail, and one should be in the second half of the tail. In other words, find a popular site, and then find a hidden gem of a site. Blog about them on our New Media weblog.

On Tuesday we'll begin to turn the class toward our own creative writing. No Wiki homework this week. So, to summarize, the homework is...

1. Choose two ELO stories and blog about them.
2. Write one 300 word new media story that imitates or is influenced by an ELO story.
3. Read The Long Tail articles and sites.
4. Blog about two web spaces, one near the front of the tail, and one near the end.
5. No wiki homework.

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