Monday, March 5, 2007

Interstellar Super Panel

Before you enter the final stages of your project, our outside review panel will be available to offer critiques and suggestions. They don’t know much about our class, our goals or our projects, so their input will be especially valuable. For that reason, Tom and I will mostly moderate and leave the opinions to those with fresher eyes.

Many of you will remember Jeremy Sabol from earlier in the class—he’ll bring his expertise in technology and his phd in literature to our panel. Chellis Ying is a local writer and vanguard of the SF publishing industry. Lark Pien’s beautiful comics, illustration and paintings have made her a premier Bay-area artist. Woody Lewis is a local writer, composer and technology expert. And Andy Hartzell’s graphic novels are available through hobocomics. Here’s an excerpt of his beautiful and dark Fox Bunny Funny.

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