Monday, March 12, 2007

Sam and John's post

Here's a link to the working copy:

Please don't take it seriously as a work of art... yet. The detritus of the editing process has not been removed, and we're only about half done assembling clips.

One of the frustrating things about this editing process is that we're pretty much undoing work somebody else did. For example, it turns out that in just about every zombie attack, the some editor spent a lot of time meticulously cutting in 1.2 second chunks between the zombies' hanging faces and the humans' terrified expressions. So, say that you want to focus on the zombies and ignore frightened victims. You have to make a lot of cuts. You'd like to feel like you're editing but deep down you know that you're just ending up with footage someone thought was so boring it had to be spliced up.

The relationship between the video and the audio is key to the piece -- but should it be abstract? literal? disorienting? some kind of supercharged version of all three? In answering that question, we're limited as much by the footage we have to work with as by our own creativity. This relationship should be much clearer in the finished version Tuesday.

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