Monday, March 12, 2007

"No longer progressing" is just another way of saying done.

So I guess I'm done. Not done in that I'm satisfied with everything I have but I'm not really sure how to change it anymore. For example -- I really dislike the title "Run" but I don't know what to change it to. This project was... exhausting. At one point sketches covered my room. Everything took an exorbitant amount of time. That first real panel with rabbit silhouette's running? Pretty simple but it took me an hour to figure out how the rabbits should look when they run and actually get an inked version out. That doesn't even account for the whole scanning and coloring in of that 1/5 of a page.

As to how it was done, I sketched and sketched and sketched. I came up with the sketch I wanted and penned over that. Sometimes I would trace that to get a good version other times I would just call that first version good enough and try and erase the pencil marks. That was usually lower quality but it's hard to maintain the exact expression if you get it really good the first time. I used photoshop for coloring in -- that was fun since I hadn't used it really since junior high/early high school when I got a bootleg copy for making websites. I kept the same paint palette with the selection tool (and I think that helped keep characters straight).

I pre-wrote a script but I wish I had planned the panels better. For some I assumed that 'x' number of panels would fit on a page and they comfortably wouldn't. I'm assuming my pages are about half a size of standard paper so making the panels any smaller felt like a waste -- like they couldn't capture enough. This meant I added pages/panels for things that just didn't fit like I thought they would.

I really enjoyed this project. But my eyes felt like they were bleeding (and did actually become bloodshot) on several occasions. I kind of wish I was more stylistically-oriented in a lot of my choices but live and learn. I also really don't know what I'm doing with this now. Do I leave it on the internet for a few random people to look at? What does one do with graphic short stories?

Despite my hesitance to put it on the internet, here it is: Run. Enjoy, (or run in horror (haha). Or just wait until Tuesday and see it -- I'd probably prefer that one). That the low-res version anyway. The high-res version is on my computer if I get in printed out.

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JessicaJ said...

It's beautiful, Jessica! Wow. You should go get it printed and bound at Kinko's. It's kind of expensive but then you could have a permanent hard copy of all your incredible work. In any case, it looks really great. Good job!