Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tessa's and Carolyn's Process

Over the past 4 weeks, our short story has developed immensely. We didn't have much trouble coming up with a script, but we had some issues trying to find an artist. It was difficult to use found art to express the exact moments that we wanted to. But after presenting our first draft, we had some excellent feedback that helped push us along.

We decided to write the story in first person, rather than in third person. We also decided to no longer show Casey's entire face, but to continue to show her eyes to emphasize a connection with the eyes of the dead girl. We also added narration where we didn't have any before in order to help the flow of the story.

Overall, the story has come a long way, and we feel really good about what we've come up with!
We hope you enjoy At a Glance.


Lauren said...

I love the last line. That's a great way to end it.

...But I'm sad that the jeweler is gone...

Allan said...

I am tempted not to even read this until I am assured that the jeweler is restored, just as he restores the luster to so many rings and marriages.