Monday, February 26, 2007

Bright Center of the Universe

Chris and I are going to be working together on the Davin Felth story. I've been exploring a few different options, both stylistic and narrative, in terms of telling the story with Comic Life. You can check out the results here, though I really want to stress that of all the shitty first drafts, mine is probably the shittiest. I was mostly trying out different visual options - screen grabs from the movies, videogame images, google, etc - and also a few different storytelling modes (realistic, narrator interacting with characters, going between "real" world with George Lucas and Star Wars world with Davin).


Lauren said...

I'm not sure what you're talking about, as your comic looks REALLY freaking good. I'm excited to show everyone mine because it looks like a two-year-old drew it. Much less sophisticated-looking than your comic life rendition.

Also, I laughed!

Adam Johnson said...

Darren & Chris,

This is really, really cool. I'm glad you two have teamed up. The look of the comic is great, with that endless pollyanna sky and the hard outlines of brightness and sandstorm wear. This place is filled with corruption and possibility, exactly where I like to navigate. I think you have an opportunity to make a larger narrative, too. The first few glimpses have that strip feel of MNFTIU panels, but by introducing Davin and George, the reader knows they're going to converge at some point, and thus a larger story is suggested to the reader. Rock on, young jedi.


Jessica Johnson said...

Wow. That looks amazing. I think you picked a good media the story seems to be naturally coming together.