Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A broken man posts on a blog via his grandma's laptop

1. I walk the lonesome, narrow road between verisimilitude and interesting. I want bombastic people to interact in a realistic though humorous way. I’ve had to concede that I can’t do this and keep time realistic, that is, the reader will have to suspend disbelief when looking at the timestamps on all the posts. Ideally this will be a fun playground. I don’t want to use the words “roleplaying forum,” but maybe that’s what it is.

2. I guess I am just a student of internet culture and also an avid bounty hunting enthusiast. This is the fruit of those forbidden passions, my forbidden passionfruit. Moreover, I have never seen anything quite like this, which is a big thrill. I feel a lot of pressure to do it right. Nothing is more depressing than a fun idea that is just butchered by some clod. Help me not be that clod.

3. I want maybe [EDIT: CYA mode engaged, concrete number removed] posts by 30 or so characters. I have to get threads done. Troublingly, I also have to get other people excited about this, because to create the thick environment I want, I am going to need quantity and variety of voices. I know just the people but they are FREEZING ME THE HELL OUT. This is where you come in, New Media.

4. I must
Write a whole hell of a lot of .txt files that comprise conversations and then painstakingly graft them in, logging in and out like a seamstress’s needle through so much storytelling cloth.
BUT ALSO create a bunch of open-ended “improv-y” content that inspires others and just makes them want to up and crawl inside a voice.

Please help me gang. Be some bounty hunters or other members of a very askew criminal justice system.
God, I hate improv so much, though.

New Solo Story Arcs:
Heated DOG argument
Salazaar robs a Dallas Mavericks game
Flirting between Guz and Angel Slice

Open-Ended extradition debate
Stakeout food!
The one that got away (women)
Haha, stalking!
No Cops Allowed

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