Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bunnies and Death (Yippee!)

So my project is about bunnies and death. (Yes, my friends have laughed at me, it's okay for you to laugh at me about it too). I'm not sure I completely abandoned my old ideas of doing a graffiti project, I just couldn't decide what the significance of format was. Who knows, maybe you will all see some campus wide project come spring.

I guess my intentions are to disarm the reader with a friendly subject -- rabbits. (Though clearly some level of this is supposed to relate to humans) One of the sample pages I even completed (page three of the story) even features the protagonist as a young rabbit with big doe eyes. Thus as the author I am presumably dealing with a fairly light subject matter. As the comic goes on it will become apparent that this is less and less true. I think comics work as a medium for this because they embody the idea of escapism with the cartoon -- only, do they really? At the end the protagonist makes a decision to stop running and I'd like to think it's slightly more complex then a simple FACE DEATH answer. We'll see how subtle the final project makes it. It's not really clear whether the right decision was made or not for the protagonist, we just know one was made. I think there is a moral but if I was that good at putting it into words I wouldn't have to write about it.

One of the obvious references I guess is Watership Down (or at least quite a few people have told me it's just like ___). Watership Down though is all about the culture of the rabbits and their strife. My rabbits are name-less seemingly cultureless entities. All that you know is that they are running (from death). I also think I was influenced by bird and moon - a comic dealing with a non-human protagonist and somewhat serious subject matter in a whimsical way.

I have 12 more pages to complete and I think I started out with some of the easier ones so we'll see how the later ones come along. At least I have the hang of this whole sketch-ink-scan-color thing a bit more.

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Lauren said...

My friends laugh at my Bible robots, too! And I've finally got the hang of the sketch-ink-scan thing. We're like brothers!

What I saw of yours today looks so great. The big doe eyes are so perfect.

I don't think there's anything wrong with dealing with serious subject matter with rabbits. Didn't we all cry when Bambi's mother died? When Mufasa fell off the cliff into the wildebeest stampede? Okay, so I didn't literally cry, but clearly just because something is cartoonish doesn't mean it can't be emotionally affecting, or intellectually stimulating, or other highbrow things like that. So far you are spot on!