Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Goals Yay!

Goals as artist/ Impact on Reader:
I want to explore my ability to express my stories not only with words but with images. I would like to eventually work with film and this would be a neat way to transition. I want the reader to feel secure and relaxed within the story and then feel as strangely as Casey (the main character) feels at the end.

Model or Mashup
I love graphic novels and I have seen a lot of different expressions for creepy twisted stories. For example, Jonny the homicidal maniac. That work was very inspirational for me. I love working with true horror stories and making them my own. Putting a spin on a real life creepy situation is one of my favorite things to do, besides making up my own little creepy situation.

Practical goals
I want an artist since I can't draw. I want to tighten up the panel choices in terms of long panel, split screen, etc. We have around 65 frames and I want to see if once we start drawing that we can maybe condense.

-Find an artist
-Organize the panel use
-Figure out Comic Life

And here's the Script with Art Direction: Script

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