Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Where it's at

So I've spent too much time just trying to think of bounty hunter names. I'll admit that.

Anyway, The Longer Arm of the Law

I have some threads mapped out in .txt files already. What I always struggle with in these workshoppy classes is that my fellow students are both my sources of helpful criticism and my audience, so I always want to withhold stuff until it is worthy of a stranger's love. I will post again tomorrow, but right now I'm building a framework and trying to register as many characters as I can think of.

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Chris Holt said...

Nice setup. I like the different forum lists you have, and especially the attention to detail-"when the ol'...won't work..." That's hiliarious. I'm curious what you decide to do with this- how you intend on tying the different forums together. I forsee plenty of room for great characters here, and I imagine you can get several narratives going at once. Off to a good start.