Sunday, February 25, 2007

Really Short Short

So yeah...not a lot to talk about yet, unfortunately. Parents weekend doesn't lend a lot of time to write but a few things have been figured out. Carolyn and I are going to work together on my idea about the train. We are also going to go ahead with the graphic novel version.

Here's the main gameplan:
1. We've got a main script for the original version of the story planned out. We will be adding onto it to incorporate that extra something that we discussed in class. We have chosen the suggestion from class to have the main girl meet the dead girl before the train scene. We are very open to suggestions on how to go about doing this. One of the ideas we had was to have them stay at the same hostel and run into each other in a dinning area of some sort. But any amazing ideas are more than welcomed.
2. We are currently searching for artists. If you know anyone who has time and would be interested let us know. For example, anyone taking a quarter with no classes who draws.
3. We're really excited to do :)

Anyways there is the short, short about what we are doing. All suggestions will be much appreciated and we'll see you in class on Tuesday!

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