Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Star Wars" by Camus

Chris and I will strive to make the story of Davin Felth both cosmic and personal. The first part of the piece focuses on Davin, an average joe with relationship issues (his Twi'lek stripper girlfriend wants him to figure out his life) and work issues (a planetary gang war is brewing, his garrison is being shut down). From there, our focus expands to the real world, and we focus on an extraordinary man: George Lucas, the creator of Davin's universe. Davin's very existence offends him - he is a jealous god, and a micromanager, and if he didn't create it, it doesn't exist.

The main narrative thrust of the piece rests on Lucas trying to convince Felth that he doesn't exist. The model for this main part of the story, I would say, is something like "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead," with two minor characters trying to figure out their place in the grand scheme of things. Of course, in this case the set-up is twisted: a minor character (Davin) feels like he's lived a useless life, and his creator comes to tell him he's absolutely right.

Ultimately, we want their status relationship to shift - Davin tries to leave Tatooine, and the rut Lucas created for him, and in the process begins to radically change the galaxy, becoming more godlike as Lucas becomes more human.

We have about 19 plot points, so we can probably get a good 35 pages out of this. We need to work out our basic stylistic goals and work out exactly what kind of character Davin is, and from there we'll probably work on different parts of the comic separately, then come together and fuse them all together at the end.

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