Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The main focus for our final four weeks of class will be on your major projects. Here's how we'll proceed:

1. You'll choose a story or narrative that you want to tell and write up a basic description (2 paragraphs).

2. You'll then suggest three "forms" that you might tell it in (1 paragraph for each form).

Example: I might choose to tell "The Chip In My Head" story, about a guy who has to decide whether he'll allow a computer chip to be placed in his head. Three forms I might tell it in: Graphic Novel format, Hypertext, or as an Oral History as told by the chip.

3. Post your story description and your format explanations to the Blog by midnight, Saturday the 17th.

4. We'll split up into groups of four (below) and people in your group will visit your blog post and offer feedback comments before next week's class.

5. In next week's class (2/20), we'll brainstorm and workshop your story and form ideas as a class. We'll look at everyone's proposal.

6. Students can then choose to collaborate or work individually for the final three weeks of class. Our class meetings will turn into a lab of sorts.

Feedback Groups:

1. Jessica, Jessica, Darren, Lauren
2. Rebecca, Allan, Chris, Carolyn
3. Tessa, Sam, Chade, John

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