Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Free write from class

I'm the first to post this time! Suckas!

Here's my list:

Goals as artist:

-don’t let the media hinder the narrative—make it illuminate the story!
-get the comic timing down, as that’s really the essence of the story. It’s a funny story, and I want to make it light and interesting
-get the different perspectives. Since I have Troy’s perspective in his oral history, I need to make the comic come from a different perspective.


American Born Chinese, for coming timing and framing
Story Corps for my oral history. I employed more of a give and take method in this oral history, and it was much more successful than my previous one where I tried to just let the interviewee talk about whatever he wanted.

Practical goals:

-get three media done
-get graphic story done with just pictures, but still make it cool
-capture the essence of text messaging through dlogger

To Do:

-get all of Toy’s pictures
-decide which pictures I want to use, which ones speak to me
-write a script using the pictures
-figure out dlogger
-write the text messages!
-type them into dlog as I want them to be displayed
-make the oral history into a better format??

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