Tuesday, February 27, 2007


1. As a reader, I love stories with extraordinary characters and human emotions. I love how magical realism, super humanism, special powers, extraordinary talents can isolate a character, and yet the still experience the most common human emotions: lonliness, fear, triumph, glory, you name it. I think everyone has a slight affinity for these character, be they the Harry Potters, the Hulks, the Spidermen, etc. I want my reader/viewer to sense these deeper emotions. I want the reader to be surprised and delighted by the character, but even perhaps a little disappointed in him/her too. I also want to find a way to incorporate humor believably. I don't want it to feel "stuck" in there. I don't want it to feel contrived. I'm still having a hard time weaving all these elements together in a story that will inevitably be rather short, but I think it can be done with enough foresight. I just have to make it happen!
2. I guess I model my magical realism ideas off of a short story writer (and now a novelist) named Aimee Bender. I got my first taste of magical realism from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but I don't think that type exactly fits in this medium. The way that I'm writing the graphic nove in Comic Life is based off of my aforementioned favorite webcomic "Overcompensating" by Jeffrey Rowland. He puts regular pictures behind what he draws; it's almost magically real in and of itself. Eh? Eh?
3/4. I want to have about three acts in my story over the span of about 15 pages. Hopefully I'll be able to crank that out. It will require a lot of picture hunting and a lot of drawing. I'm not quite sure yet if I want to have any sort of audio over the piece; I might if I end up with enough time. Right now I just need to get to drawing, which means that this scanner in Meyer Library sitting right next to me needs to get to working. Now.

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