Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Robots and resistance

In case you are interested, here are the first 7 pages of my comic (minus a speech bubble on the second page and a caption on the 7th page):

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7

Currently they're just hosted on GooglePages, which is, as usual, fills me with dissatisfaction. It will be difficult for you to read the panels because they're displayed as either way too large or way too small. Fucking GooglePages, man.

Moving onward...

Goals as an Artist/Impact on Reader

I want to make a comment on the themes present in the Bible story which I’m basing my narrative off of. The main message of the Bible story is, “Stand up for what you believe in against big scary forces,” but when you say it like that it sounds inordinately dumb, whereas when you read the Bible story, you’re like, “Those are some hardcore dudes.” I want to show how the themes in that story are relevant in all sorts of situations, not just Biblical ones. Like robotic totalitarian governments, which is relevant to everyone! I want it to be playful but also serious. I don’t want it to get too corny. I want to evoke that feeling you get when you stand up for something you believe in.


Several things are serving as a model for me, to the point where I’m scared of plagiarism, even though I don’t think many people have done Bible stories with robots before. The Bible story is one, Borges’ short story “La noche bocarriba” has the same dream into reality type of thing. The totalitarian government idea is from many, many sources including but not limited to We, 1984, and V for Vendetta. I’ve been looking at several graphic novels/comic books to get a better sense of panels and how they can be used. The coloring is modeled after John Allison’s (brilliant) comic Scary-Go-Round.

Practical Goals

It’s going to be 48 pages long, and the script is already planned out in detail. I have 8 pages done right now, so I need to start doing 3 or 4 pages a night instead of 2. I’m sketching and inking by hand, and then scanning and coloring on the computer. I can copy and paste certain characters and backgrounds, which quickens the process.

To Do
- get my shit together
- do more pages per night
- remember that the magic was inside me all along

Who wants to give me title ideas?


Pico Alaska said...
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Pico Alaska said...

No way you're plagiarizing. Probably many have mashed up robots & the Bible in their minds, but it ain't out there for anyone to see yet. Have you seen anything like that? ... You're free to let 'er rip. Good luck on 3-4 pages a night. ... Titles may come more easily after I've checked out your pages ... Also, hard to think of titles when your mind is crunching on your own stuff ... But not giving up. Bon voyage.

Pico Alaska said...

OK ... took a look at your 7 pages thus far -- really good art. You're like a natural at this ... Some titles -- some fragments of titles -- some titles of fragments -- that have occurred to me ...
-- Parts Greater Than the Whole
-- Metallicious
-- Biofungible Domesticity
-- They Walk the Living Room Floor
-- Where's the Wrench When You Need It?
-- Danny Pliers and the Robot Arachnids

I know ... this is pretty silly. But who knows? You may get something out of it. ... Keep going!