Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Weeks Worth of Media!

Hey Guys,

Since I wasn't in class two weeks ago, I didn't get a chance to show everyone my interactive story or to do a mashup. Well, they are available now for your pleasure and enjoyment! Disclaimer: I have absolutely zero technological prowess, so don't judge.

The interactive story can be found here. It's sort of a choose-your-adventure, I guess.

The mashup involves MTV's newest dating show, in which contestants are unaware that all of their answers to the dater's questions are being run through a voice stress analyser to test their truthfulness. In my version, some special guests appear as contestants. Hope you like it! I posted on YouTube, so click here.

As for my oral history, my friend requested that I not put it on the web, so I will have the audio available for listening in class.

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