Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Free Write: Goals

1. Goals as artist/impact on reader
As a Human Biology major, I have not spent much time writing, other than writing purely for my own pleasure. I hope this assignment will help me to develop both my writing and collaboration skills. By working with Tessa, I will be able to contribute my own ideas and get a sense for her thought process and goals as a writer. I’m excited to see what I am able to learn and contribute. Also, by putting our short story into a graphic novel, I will be able to further explore another area--images and their efficacy in writing.
As we wrote out the script, we realized the value of having pictures to help tell the story. Rather than writing out details of the scene, we will be able to show them through the drawings. The only disadvantage is that we sometimes felt it was better to leave out side comments or thoughts because we didn't want too much text. However, I think the story is better in the end and did not suffer any losses from such editing.

2. Model or Mashup
My partner, Tessa, came up with the idea based on a creepy graphic novel that she read. I was inspired to work with her because I like the eerie aspect of the story. I was also draw to the fact that the story could happen. As Tessa shared the story in class last week, I was able to visualize details of the scenario, such as characters' dress, expressions, etc... The story I was going to do, based on my uncle's situation, entailed my adding onto a real event in order to create a more entertaining story. I appreciate the similar realistic aspect of this story.

3. Practical Goals
We are creating a graphic novel, so we want art and need an artist
Adding a connection between the dead girl and the preppy girl who sees them. (We were able to do this by incorporating a flashback into the story)
Possibly condense the 65 frames that we have at this point

4. To Do
Find an artist**
Familiarize ourselves with Comic Life
Better organize our panel use
Think of a title

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