Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Hey guys,

Sorry I didn't post earlier, but I had nothing to tell. I got the oral history of the Paris story from my friend, and the only time he could do it was today, so now I finally have something. I imported the file of his story to itunes, and I am trying to upload it to this website called wikiupload.com so that I could link to it here but it's taking FOR-E-VER so I don't predict it will be ready by class time. In any case, I can send it out or something, so that people could listen to it should they be so inclined. It's kind of fun to hear it in his voice. Anyway, I downloaded comic life and I am playing around with that now. In terms of whether or not I can make three different media to tell this story...we shall see. Right now I am kind of looking at how I can do the comic with a mixture of pictures and drawings, since I have lots of pictures of my friend and of Paris, but not specific enough ones to really illustrate the story...

That is all. See you in class.

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Jessica Johnson said...

Just wanted to wish you luck! Seems like you have a start on that and your comic. It will be awesome to see.