Monday, February 26, 2007

Draft of a draft

So the first draft of my wacky Shakespeare story at this point doesn't even deserve to be called a draft or a script - it's like the script of a script. Or, you know, an outline. That's up here.

In terms of actual work with form and so on, I've been playing around with writing up some of the individual sections (which I am not posting up yet, as it's all kind of painfully rough thus far, with 'rough' here being a polite term for 'bad') and also toying with the poem I want to take through various stages of alteration using dlog. Unfortunately, dlog kind of hates my computer. Or my computer hates it. Or something. But the draft of the intro I want to use is up there - introducing the premise through dlogger outbursts I think is a kind of cool way to do it, if I can pull it off in a classy fashion.

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