Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Something Tangible

*Sigh of Relief*

I have something tangible. It's the first three pages of my comic about a girl who moves to a new school only to be targeted by a random girl for a random reason (I know it sounds like ABC, but it's different I promise!). Their class will eventually go on a field trip to the MoMa, where, lo and behold, the girl and her nemesis get lost in the city and find themselves up against a bike messenger gang!! Ahhhhhh!!! They fight the gang, flee on the bikes and ends up with some kind of resolution that's forthcoming.

It's at (look at the .tiff files). I'd like to thank JessJ for her constant Meyer support; I'd like to thank Photoshop for turning ideas into reality; I'd also like to thank coffee and cinammon tea for making it all possible. Oh, you guys are the best.

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Adam Johnson said...


This looks really cool. I love the generic backgrounds of classrooms and hallways, a little subdued so they look real but bleed away, the same way a real school background would. The illustrations work well against that--the drawings are limber and evocative, and because of the contrast with the photos, stand in high relief. You have a good sense of focus, too, in terms of medium shots and close ups. And the reader cares right away about being transferred in senior year and about being confronted by a girl who says you're going down. I think you're really on the right track and the hard work has payed off. Well done, young captain.